With Our Functional Flavors Healthy is the New Treat
Health and wellness have become enormously important in today's society. This includes a growing consciousness for a healthy diet. Food manufactures are responding to this trend with reformulations and new products. Even with focus on health aspects, the new, slim’ products must maintain their identity and, in terms of taste, must not shy away from comparison with the original. A difficult task! The reduction of sugar, salt and / or fat is often associated with a loss of taste, while the addition of value-added additives such as proteins, vitamins, minerals leads to undesirable off-tastes.

With functional flavors from Silesia’s Rebalancing Program, you give your products back what they have lost through reduction measures.

Mouthfeel Flavor
The reduction of sugar and/or fat often leads not only to unwanted changes in taste but also to a poorer mouthfeel. Optimize your products with our mouthfeel enhancers for a full-bodied taste.

Replacer Flavors
Cream, cheese, butter ... – with our replacer flavors, these ingredients can be partially substituted to reduce the fat content of your products without sacrificing taste.

Booster Flavors
The job of our booster flavors – to strengthen the taste profile! Our portfolio ranges from fruit boosters for more fruitiness to sugar, salt, fat or MSG-boosters.

Masking Flavors
Masking flavors from our Rebalancing Program especially help to minimize off-notes and conceal bitterness in vegetarian and vegan products.

FMPs – Flavors with Modifying Properties
These complex flavors are especially used to enable significant sugar and salt reduction. Their properties help to balance the sweet or salty impression between the original product and a sugar- or salt-reduced version.

Unfortunately ‚one fits all‘ doesn’t work in this case. The applications are too different. It is also important to consider country-specific regulations.

We are not content merely to offer flavorings with balancing properties, but as a specialist in the food industry we see ourselves as your partner in product development. We look at the products as a whole, understand the interactions of individual raw materials and, if necessary, also adapt the overall flavoring to the new formulation. Our specially developed flavorings not only compensate for the sweet impression, they also optimize texture and mouthfeel and, if desired, incorporate the characterizing top note flavor of the final product.

We are happy to assist you in making your products fit for the future!