Testing with All Our Senses

Smelling and tasting is a fundamental part of our life.

The application of flavours in food helps to impart taste. Along with analysis it is by using our senses that help us to test and judge the influence of flavour in food.

Our sensory specialists contribute by regularly carrying out training with our colleagues so that their sense of taste and smell is trained and honed. The aim is for this knowledge to be concentrated into a single “Flavour Language”. Our sensory team also performs an important support function in flavour creation and in the introduction of new production processes.

The service our team offers covers a multitude of functions. Our specialists are happy to help you with your enquiries wherever possible.


The service package covers the following:

  • Basic schooling in “Flavours” and “Sensory Analysis”
  • Consultancy and support when setting up sensory panels
  • Carrying out sensory tests
  • Organising and conducting customer- and theme-specific sensory workshops