International hazardous substances and dangerous goods legislation

Silesia classifies all raw materials, intermediates and flavours according to the hazardous substances legislation applicable in Europe, USA, China or Singapore. All raw, intermediate and finished products are classified according to international transport legislation as well as US transport legislation (49CFR) for road, sea and air transport. Safety data sheets for flavourings are provided to you according to the specific regulations for Europe, USA, China and Singapore.

Product information & food legislation

Legal requirements for food and flavours vary from country to country. Every single flavour is checked by experts to guarantee that our flavours are correctly used according to local legislation.

We can support you with the following service:

  • Detailed product specifications including allergy status, GMO and nutritional values
  • Professional legal advice on flavours and application
  • Kosher and halal certification
  • Customer seminars in flavour legislation
  • Response to customer requests (for example, raw material / quality management questionnaires, confirmations relating to specific ingredients, comments on current issues)
  • Creation of export documents (such as health certificates) and contact with food authorities