Comment rules

Please support this goal: Discuss fairly and objectively, even if there is a dispute.

For the interest of all participants, we ask you to note the following:

The ability to comment on articles is only linked to the specific content which is published. If you have any further questions about Silesia and our flavours, please send us an email. Anyone who uses a forum, a guest book or the comment function - also in Silesia presences in social media - grants Silesia the right to use their discretion to present the contributions permanently, to incorporate them into editorially designed submissions, to quote them in podcasts and videos or to edit, hide or delete them.

In particular, the editors reserve the right to hide or delete contributions without informing the author beforehand if they are deemed to be

  •   - defamatory
  •   - offensive
  •   - in violation of personal rights
  •   - harmful to minors
  •   - politically or religiously extreme and/or inflamatory
  •   - racist or sexist
  •   - xenophobic
  •   - discriminatory
  •   - calling for violence
  •   - pornographic
  •   - illegal

The posting of such content in a forum, a guest book and the writing of such comments is not permitted. The same applies to a commercial and/or advertising content. Use for commercial purposes is not permitted.

Constant repetitions of the same content or nonsensical text are not desired. Please publish only content relating to the discussion.

For links to external websites, we reserve the right to check the content and remove the URL or the entire comment if necessary

If you enter your name or your e-mail address, remember that these are publicly visible and registered by search engines and search queries. The automatic recording of email addresses by dealers is possible (in forums with registration, your email address is only visible to the other registered participants). Silesia is not able to check if the Email address and name of sender is verified.

If you engage third parties who endorse Silesia (e.g., advertising agencies and blogger networks), you are responsible for making sure the third parties understand their responisibilities and agree to these comment rules before the engagement begins. Your are also responsible for monitoring the endorsements made by third parties you engage with to ensure that they appropriately inform customers of their connections to Silesia.


Please note the information on copyright. It is not permitted to use the expressions of opinion published in the forum, in the guest book or via the comment function in any other context without permission.  Depending on the platform, different types of registration may be required for the use and comment of Silesia content that can be reached on social media, over which Silesia generally has no influence. Silesia recommends all users handle personal data carefully and protect privacy as much as possible on social media

Participants who ignore these rules and basic principles of "netiquette" can be excluded from discussions.

Have fun exchanging your opinion!