Flavour Formats

Silesia’s Flavours Turn Your Product into Something Special

Liquid Flavours

The Right Flavour for Every Application

Tailor-made flavours for fruit gums, chewing gum, chewy candies, extruded confectionery, beverages, tea, fruit preparations, ice cream, dairy goods, meat products, instant soups and sauces and further culinary products

Powder Flavours

Whether micro-encapsulated top-notes or complex powder mixes – Silesia has a wide range of tastes for every application.


Micro-encapsulated flavours with optimum shelf-life and flowability.


Granulated Flavours

The taste experience for your tea or your confectionery products. We offer granulated flavours for virtually every taste direction.


An extruded granulate with unique product characteristics and excellent shelf-life. Depending on application this outstanding encapsulation offers a controlled release and as such gives you many possibilities for creative product development.