Sensory at highest level


Sensory at highest level

"What do our flavors taste like?" and "How can we render the subjective sensation of taste in a consistent, understandable and comprehensible language?" These and similar questions occupied Silesia from the very beginning and led to the establishment of a modern sensory department. Starting with the sensory testing of the raw materials used, through the evaluation of the end products, the performance on different media, the training of sensory skills internally and externally, to the development of a uniform, descriptive language, our colleagues from the sensory department are always up to date. Silesia's standards are not simply based on the standard, but go beyond it. For example, in panel training, stricter criteria are applied than those specified in ISO 8586. In the triangle test, Silesia uses more testers than recommended in ISO 4120 in order to obtain statistically more reliable results.


The knowledge of our specialists is not only invaluable internally, but is also highly recognized in the scientific community. In a lively exchange with universities and research institutes, for example, Silesia's sensor managers participate in the development and optimization of various objective test methods. In March 2022, a chapter on the Difference-from-Control test was published in the Handbook of Sensory Technology from Behr's...Verlag. The author is our Senior Sensory Manager Ines Strobl. At this year's DLG Food Day Sensory Analysis 2022, Ms. Strobl was invited as a speaker. Her online lecture on the topic "Free Sorting or Simply Descriptive Testing: ‘Which method is more suitable for examining larger sets of similar samples?' was followed by almost 100 listeners from German-speaking countries.


We congratulate Ms. Strobl and are pleased with her about this scientific recognition.