Botanicals - new highlight "Mint"


Capture Botanical Tastes


Botanicals are not just literally on everyone’s tongue. Influenced by changes in human behaviour, there is a wish to return to nature and a healthier lifestyle. True to this trend Silesia has developed a range of botanical flavours. As flavours, the special aroma and taste properties of botanicals can refine a wide range of products from all food categories by giving them not only a unique taste, but also an authentic and natural character.


Our Botanical flavours include:

       ●  Wildflowers & Wild Herbs

       ●  Basil

       ●  Mint (new!)


Innovative mint cultivars have been enriching our gardens for some time. They show the popular cult herb in a shining new light. As a range of flavours, fruit- or chocolate mints are now expanding our botanicals portfolio. For more information about these flavours and our new highlight Mint please follow us here: https://www.silesia-aroma.com/en/capture-botanical-tastes/