Simply Delicious - Flavors for Meat Alternatives


Try our outstanding flavor solutions for plant-based meat substitutes


The trend towards alternative protein sources and so-called meat substitute products, has increased rapidly in recent years. Numerous product launches in the sausage and meat segment are vegetarian/vegan. Market-leading sausage and meat companies are copying their meaty top sellers for consumers who prefer a vegetarian or vegan diet and recognize the former niche product as an important business category with high growth potential.


The portfolio of non-animal protein sources continues to evolve, and today we can draw from a wide variety of options. As a flavor specialist, Silesia gained its first experience with the requirements and restrictions of finding suitable flavoring to use with soy, wheat, pea, lupin and other bases decades ago and has continuously developed this knowledge. Today, we are proud to be a flavor expert for meat substitute products and we recognize the different influencing facts for successful product creation.


Silesia's constantly growing flavor portfolio for vegan and vegetarian proteins includes:

   ·  Beef flavors with different notes like roasted, grilled, fatty etc.

   ·  Chicken flavors with cooked, fatty, roasted and grilled notes

   ·  Fish and shellfish such as tuna, salmon, shrimp and white fish

   ·  Various vegan sausages flavors, vegan egg and many more vegan/vegetarian flavors

   ·  For an improved mouthfeel Silesia also supports umami and fat booster flavors


We are pleased to offer you the optimal flavor for your creation.