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Working at Silesia

What can you expect from a German flavour house with a tradition of over 100 years?

Values such as reliability, discretion, quality, service, customer proximity and know-how are self-evident for us and form the basis for a trustworthy and successful co-operation with our customers. But what is it like to work at Silesia? What forms of co-operation determine the co-existence, the processes and freedoms, how can the employees be appreciated and how are they promoted?

Of course, processes and responsibilities must be clearly defined. Otherwise, an international flavour house can’t function. For this reason, a sophisticated interface management ensures a smooth connection and therefore the highest efficiency. However people are at the centre of attention at Silesia. In this way, we ensure that every employee is given the utmost autonomy, responsibility and flexibility. In addition internal training courses, workshops and seminars offer numerous opportunities for further education.

Due to a close interlinking of the departments - also interdisciplinary - daily discussions take place in project teams. These meetings are characterised by an open dialogue in which everybody can contribute ideas, develop themselves personally and show their performance potential.

A free exchange of ideas promotes constructive co-operation and drives our teams to the maximum in a relaxed atmosphere. Enjoyment and fun at work are guarantees for motivated and satisfied employees, the heart of every company. As a family business, we feel particularly connected to these values.